“I have been working with Tiffany Wooldridge for the last couple of months.(she has been helping me edit my web site that I have with clinicapps) I must tell you that I am very happy with the service I am getting and also  the website that clinicapps has provided. I would recommend clinicapps to anyone who is considering developing a new website. I would also give an “A” to Tiffany Wooldridge for her help in developing my website. I appreciate her dedication and cooperation.”

Sincerely Dr. Douglas Rhodes D.C.


"Clinicapps is easy to use and affordable. The Big Idea video is the best"
Dr. Andrew Cohen, D.C.

"Working with ClinicApps has been a great experience.  The site does everything I want and all that they promised.  It was easy to customize (even for a low-tech guy like me) and the features are of excellent quality.  I especially like the "Big Idea" video.  I have called them a couple times to get specific information/advice and enjoyed great phone service.  Also, the price is really really nice."
Dr. Roger Barnick, Chiropractor


“I absolutely LOVE the customer support I have gotten from Tiffany.
No matter what I need the response is quick and correct the first time.
I am totally impressed with your customer care!!!”


Randy Moze

“When you made the pitch to me for a website I was skeptical. The price was too good. Then I thought, "Oh boy, just what a need, another website to set up."

“But I was wrong on both counts. The template you used with the stock information is a great starting place and, as you patiently explained to me on the phone, it is quite simple to make changes to both look and content. Quite simple.  I'm actually having fun with it now and am looking forward to it helping me build my practice.”

“I especially appreciate the time you took with me today on the phone walking me through all the customization options and how to achieve just the right look and content that I want.”

“I applaud you for your professionalism and friendly can-do attitude.
Good luck to you in the future.”

Dr. Frank Means


“I wanted to send you my thanks again, via e-mail. I am grateful to you for taking the extra time and effort to set up my new website. It was a significant chore transposing the information to the new from the old, and my technical skills in this area are surely wanting.”

“I will recommend Clinicapps to others, and will tell them of your kind and skillful work. It was done quickly and at no extra cost! Wow, you have made an enthusiastic new client!”

Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Lee J.Hazen